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Christmas traditions in Poland.

Christmas Traditions

Christmas is celebrated all around the world. Regardless of its origins Christmas is very popular and well liked holiday in many countries and have a very long tradition, which consists of a lot of habits. As I'm coming from Poland I decided to introduce you some of our Christmas traditions. Some of them you might find very similar to the ones you know, perhaps some of them you will seem very different and maybe even strange.

In Poland Christmas next to Easter is the most solemnly celebrated holiday with traditions goes back to the old days. Some of them even originate from Slavic rites. It was believed, that at midnight the animals are talking human language, but overheard the conversation was considered as bad luck. Another common and unusual custom is putting hay under the tablecloth on table with Christmas Eve dishes.

In our culture celebrating Christmas is preceded by Christmas Eve on 24 December, culminating in a gala dinner served with 12 dishes, traditionally eaten with family and close friends. To the supper we sit with nightfall, at the time when the first star will appear in the sky. Right before the meal we share the Sacramental bread combined with wishes, which is the most important moment of the evening. Beautiful old Polish custom is inviting lonely people on Christmas Eve - so that no one was abandoned and sad in this special time.

After supper is time for the most anticipated by kids tradition of giving presents. Because this part of the Christmas Eve children are most interested in - therefore no wonder that they eagerly look out for the first star on the sky to quickly finish a meal and finally put their hands on Christmas Gifts brought by a Santa Clause.

Santa Clause is loved by everybody - adults and children, rich and poor, residents of large cities and small towns. And in Poland we are lucky because he visits us twice, on 6th December and on Christmas Eve. On 6th December he leaves little gifts for children in their booties. On Christmas Eve usually presents are more generous than the ones given on 6th December and he leaves them under the Christmas tree.

Yes, Christmas tree in Poland like in many other countries is a commonly known tradition. On the eve of Christmas almost every Polish family puts in their house and decorate the Christmas tree. It is one of the youngest tradition of Christmas Eve in Poland. Christmas tree in its current form has been accepted in Poland only in the 18th century and the custom come to us from our neighbours Germans. In many parts of the Poland habit of decorating the Christmas tree has become firmly established only at the beginning of the 20th century. Today, thanks to the modern technology, decoration of Christmas trees is far from simple old ornaments and burning candles used in the past.

Are our traditions are that much different than the one you know?

I wish you all Merry Christmas, regardless of your Christmas Traditions and part of the world you live.

Article By Marcin Roszkowski

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Published: 11/25/2014 11:34:39 PM

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