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Cottages of Currarong

Cottages of Currarong

There's lots of R's in Currarong its a word that takes a bit to get your mouth around, Curr-A- Rong but once you can say it you immediately smile and you really won't lose the smile until its time to leave.

Currarong is a sleepy little village at the northern edge of the Beecroft Peninsula on the south coast of New South Wales in Australia. It's about 30 kilometres from the nearest main town of Nowra and just a quick 20ks to Culburra, another great named town and surf beach.

We visited Currarong for the first time a couple of years ago and liked it straight away. Many people come and never leave or choose to make it their permanent holiday location.

Why Currarong, well for starters it's very quiet, by 8pm on most nights you could fire a canon down any street and hit nothing. By day there are lovely quiet beaches and coastal walks and even the odd ship wreck but there's no shopping strip or supermarket, there's no galleries or souvenir shops and definitely no casino. If you are looking for BIG nights out at bars and restaurants then Currarong is not for you. On the other hand if you're looking for a place with great beaches for families, exploring walks, fishing and quiet afternoons then this is it.

Currarong, which means place of many winds, was most likely first settled by white people in the early 1880's but became a better known after the ship wreck of the SS Merimbula in March 1928 at nearby Whale Point on the Beecroft Headland. You can walk to the few exposed steel remains of the ship and another wreck along well marked tracks.

There are quite a lot of very cute, mostly fibro and weatherboard cottages in Currarong and this was what caught my attention. People take pride in these cottages, often painting them colourfully and usually keeping them nicely maintained and the grass well mown. The cottages are generally quite small by today's house standard but their owners love them. There are of course some newer homes, bigger and taller, more glass, but these are in the minority.

The cottages I captured were all at the southern end of town, walking distance from where we stayed and near to the only general store cum take away and restaurant, Zacs.

Keep saying Currarong and drop it into your next dinner party conversation it will make you sound worldly and globe-trotterish.

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Article By Stephen Dwyer

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Published: 2/15/2016 2:26:34 AM

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