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Young children

Stock Images By Howard Birnstihl

Early childhood is a time of learning about our world and our place in it, that is, we learn who we are. Our environment and all the experiences we share help define our future. It is a time of anxiety, joy, secrecy, searching, finding, tasting and testing, sensing andfeeling. Friends, family, fun and frolics. Life is one big adventure. Clowns, play, icecream, baby animals, things under rocks.

Clown and child B
Girl whispering to clown
Child eating icecream
Elderly woman holding baby
Child viewing old painting
Child tadpolling
child with soap froth on face
Mum reading to boys
Kids at pond
Child with baby bird
Child at breakfast
Child in homemade space suit.
Wan young child
Infant music student
Breastfeeding poster
String puppetin suitcase with baby

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Photo Information for Young children

Photo 1. Clown and child B Clown on gatepost receiving a gift of flowers from a young child

Photo 2. Girl whispering to clown Young girl whispering to animated and attentive clown

Photo 3. Child eating icecream Child luxuriating in icecream cone whilst checking out the world around her

Photo 4. Elderly woman holding baby Very old woman in apron holding baby face to face.

Photo 5. Child viewing old painting Young boy in shorts and T shirt viewing painting of 18th century wigged gentlemen

Photo 6. Child tadpolling child fishing for tadpoles in reedy pond

Photo 7. child with soap froth on face young child reacting to being splashed in the face with a handful of froth

Photo 8. Mum reading to boys Young mother reading to boys who are engrossed in the book

Photo 9. Kids at pond Four children of different ages reflected in a pond

Photo 10. Child with baby bird Young girl tending to baby bird, probably a whitefaced honeyeater

Photo 11. Child at breakfast Close view of child at breakfast with low morning light creating an inviting scene

Photo 12. Child in homemade space suit. young child in homemade space suit accompanied by ojder brother

Photo 13. Wan young child Wan young child seen through a blurred out foreground of yellow flowers

Photo 14. Infant music student Toddler blows while Mum fingers the tune

Photo 15. Breastfeeding poster Black and white image of child watching his baby sister being fed at the breast

Photo 16. String puppetin suitcase with baby Marianette puppet with young child sitting in suitcase