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Insects & spiders

Stock Images By Howard Birnstihl

Insects and spiders in extreme close-up showing shape, colour, texture, habitat and behaviour. Spiders using camouflage; preying mantids as irridescent green nymphs, as fierce garden predators with interesting mating habits; caterpillars all shapes & sizes; ladybirds & their life cycle as bright yellow eggs, spiky black nymphs & black & yellow adults; caterpillars in an incredible range of shapes & colours; butterflies; bees; mosquito lavae; damsel flies and more.

Camouflage at its best
Praying mantids emerging from egg sac
Emperor gum moth close up
St. Andrews Cross Spider
Beetle swarm
Mantid eating fly
Red looper caterpillar
Mosquito larvae
Praying mantid moulting
Praying mantids mating
Huntsman spider
Long horned caterpillar
Ladybirds mating
Ladybird larvae emerging
Hairy caterpillar
Ladybird laying eggs
Huntsman spider
Emperor gum moth caterpillar
Emperor gum moth wing detail
Fly on grass rubbing legs
Butterfly on balls
Birdwing butterfly on palm
Black house spider with egg sac
Cicada emerging from pupa case
Bull ant
Imperial White Butterfly
Droplets on spider's web
Egg laying
Praying mantids mating
Ladybird with eggs
Water beetle under water B
Stick insect.
Open for business.
Jumping spider with fly.
Sex in the swamp
Nymph stage of the dragonfly
A jewel in the bush
Child with dragonfly
Hungry pest
I'm forever blowing bubbles
The red and the black
A sting in the tail
Busy as a bee
Underwater spider
Emperor gum moth emerging
Chinese junk caterpillar
Gall grub
tiny caterpillar leaving a long trail
Mantis on red leaf
Mantis on leaf
Bird dropping spider with eggs
Grapevine caterpillar
Bee working on blossom
Gecko eyeing off its prey
Butterflies in forest
Lone butterfly in forest gloom
Beekeeper at work
Death'shead spider
Redback spider
Jumping spider with its prey
Bathplug spider
Bees swarming
Sawfly larvae attacking gum leaf
Slaters swarming
Soldier beetle swarm
Spifire swarm
Cicada emerging
Emperor Gum Moth
Winged bull ant
Mantis hunting a stick insect
Gecko eating stick insect
Huntsman spider with young
Triangular spider
Wing of emperor gum moth
Hairy caterpillar
emperor gum moth caterpillar eating
Water skiing on lake

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Photo Information for Insects & spiders

Photo 1. Camouflage at its best Bird dropping spider with eggs all looking like seed boxes and litter

Photo 2. Praying mantids emerging from egg sac Tiny green praying mantids emerging from their egg sac or ootheca

Photo 3. Emperor gum moth close up Very close view of emperor gum moth emphasising its hairy legs and antenae

Photo 4. St. Andrews Cross Spider St Andrew's Cross Spider on distinctive web design

Photo 5. Beetle swarm Swarm of beetles immediately after emerging

Photo 6. Mantid eating fly Close-up of green praying mantid devouring fly

Photo 7. Red looper caterpillar Red looper caterpillar creating sculptural image as it loops across a swirling gum leaf

Photo 8. Mosquito larvae Two mosquito larvae hanging below the surface of the water with a red mite on a green leaf

Photo 9. Praying mantid moulting Praying mantid hanging upside down under a leaf, after having shed its skin and waits for the new skin to dry out and harden

Photo 10. Praying mantids mating Praying mantids mating whilst the female continues with her dinner

Photo 11. Huntsman spider Close-up of highly decorative orange huntsman spider amongst leaf litter

Photo 12. Long horned caterpillar Long horned caterpillar on leaf backlit and glowing

Photo 13. Ladybirds mating Ladybirds mating on sheoak frond

Photo 14. Ladybird larvae emerging Ladybird larvae emerging from orange eggs on twig

Photo 15. Hairy caterpillar Hairy caterpillar on green leaves backlit and glowing

Photo 16. Ladybird laying eggs Ladybird laying eggs on whispy sheoak twig

Photo 17. Huntsman spider Extreme close-up of huntsman spider showing its four main eyes

Photo 18. Emperor gum moth caterpillar Close-up of exotically shaped and coloured emperor gum moth caterpillar

Photo 19. Emperor gum moth wing detail Detail showing texture and mock eye on wing of emperor gum moth

Photo 20. Fly on grass rubbing legs Very detailed close-up of fly on grass rubbing front legs together

Photo 21. Butterfly on balls Butterfly resting on ball bearings with mirror reflection

Photo 22. Birdwing butterfly on palm Symmetrical image of birdwing butterfly on palm frond a study in green

Photo 23. Black house spider with egg sac Black house spider spread-eagled over her egg sac

Photo 24. Cicada emerging from pupa case Green cicada emerging from shell on tree trunk at night

Photo 25. Bull ant Close up view of bull ant's head, eyes, nippers and mandibles

Photo 26. Imperial White Butterfly Imperial white butterfly on dry grass head

Photo 27. Droplets on spider's web Close view of droplets on spider's web on black background

Photo 28. Egg laying Close view of praying mantid laying her eggs in her specially constructed ootheca

Photo 29. Praying mantids mating Close view of praying mantids mating on a garden plant

Photo 30. Ladybird with eggs Ladybird with newly laid eggs on Sheoak needles

Photo 31. Water beetle under water B Close view of beetle underwater as it searches the creek bed for food

Photo 32. Stick insect. Stick insect on fern frond showing its uncanny camouflage

Photo 33. Open for business. Close view of the open trapdoor of a mouse spider showing the incredibly neat construction of burrow, door and hinge

Photo 34. Jumping spider with fly. close up of jumping spider on long leaf clutching onto a blowfly much bigger than itself

Photo 35. Sex in the swamp Damselflies mating on the stem of a water plant

Photo 36. Nymph stage of the dragonfly underwater shot of a mudeye seeking out food on the bottom of the pond

Photo 37. A jewel in the bush close view of a brilliant red dragonfly sitting on the end of a twig

Photo 38. Child with dragonfly Close view of child watching a large dragonfly which has settled on her hand

Photo 39. Hungry pest Close view of a grass hopper resting in a bush

Photo 40. I'm forever blowing bubbles Close view of a fly regurgitating its meals as part of the digetive process

Photo 41. The red and the black close view of red back spider clearly showing the telltale red back

Photo 42. A sting in the tail Close view of a European Wasp showing its almost unreal plastic appearance

Photo 43. Busy as a bee Close view of bees working busily on their honeycomb

Photo 44. Underwater spider Underwater spider, covered in bubbles collected on a visit to the surface, clinging to the under side of a floating log

Photo 45. Emperor gum moth emerging Three stages of the emperor gum moth emerging from its cocoon, unfolding its wings and then fully formed as an adult. Images available separately

Photo 46. Chinese junk caterpillar Close view of a chinese junk caterpillar on a leaf showing its ornate marking pattern

Photo 47. Lacewing Adult lacewing showing its antennae and wing structure

Photo 48. Gall grub Bright orange grub seen in the gall it has created on a gum leaf

Photo 49. tiny caterpillar leaving a long trail caterpillar leaving a long trail of excreted matter

Photo 50. Mantis on red leaf Preying mantis with its antennae errect as it keenly watches its next victim

Photo 51. Redback Female redback spider

Photo 52. Mantis on leaf Preying mantis travelling from one leaf to another hoping for greener pastures

Photo 53. Bird dropping spider with eggs Bird dropping spider with eggs completely camouflaged in a peppercorn tree

Photo 54. Grapevine caterpillar Grapevine caterpillat exploring its way along a grapevine stem

Photo 55. Bee working on blossom Bee working on a bright yellow flower

Photo 56. Gecko eyeing off its prey Gecko peers at the silhouette of a mantis in the garden shrubbery

Photo 57. Butterflies in forest Three blue-winged butterflies in the dappled light of the rainforest

Photo 58. Lone butterfly in forest gloom Lone blue-winged butterfly amongst the rainforest plants

Photo 59. Beekeeper at work Apiarist tending his hives out in the paddock

Photo 60. Death'shead spider Deathshead spider with the typical skull-like image on its back

Photo 61. Redback spider Female redback spider creeps across a wooly patch

Photo 62. Jumping spider with its prey Jumping spider with its fairly substantial prey of a blowfly

Photo 63. Bathplug spider Bathplug spider lies in wait at the trapdoor of iys burrow in the sands of the dry country

Photo 64. Scorpion Scorpion on log in the dry country of outback NSW

Photo 65. Bees swarming Bees swarming on honeycomb

Photo 66. Sawfly larvae attacking gum leaf Mass of sawfly larvae savaging the leaves of a eucalypt

Photo 67. Slaters swarming Common slaters swarming on rotten log

Photo 68. Soldier beetle swarm Huge mass of green soldier beetles swarming on tree trunk

Photo 69. Spifire swarm Steelblue sawfly larvae swarming on twig

Photo 70. Cicada emerging Adult green cicada emerging from its final moult

Photo 71. Emperor Gum Moth Close view of emperor gum moth with bushy antennae

Photo 72. Winged bull ant winged bull ant on its nuptial flight

Photo 73. Mantis hunting a stick insect Close view of preying mantis stalking a stick insect

Photo 74. Gecko eating stick insect Close view of gecko eating stick insect

Photo 75. Huntsman spider with young Huntsman spider astride her egg sac with a mass of spiderlings milling around her body for protection

Photo 76. Triangular spider Orange triangular spider seen in crisp close-up climbing a grass stalk

Photo 77. Wing of emperor gum moth Extreme close view of the eye pattern on the furry wing on an emperor gum moth

Photo 78. Hairy caterpillar Fluffy caterpillar seen in close-up

Photo 79. emperor gum moth caterpillar eating exotic colour and pattern of an emperor gum moth caterpillar seen in close-up as it chews its way through a gum leaf

Photo 80. Water skiing on lake Water skier performing a dramatic turn as the spray climbs into an impressive wall behind her