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Stock Images By Howard Birnstihl

From the tall straight giants in misty forests to the gnarled, writhing battle-scarred eucalypts of the dry grasslands; sculptural clumps by the billabong; teatree along the beach track; brilliant details of sunlit sap oozing from wounds; regeneration after fire; wrecking the suburban footpath; tree houses; farm shade; blossoms, leaves, bark & branches.

Figure in misty forest
Rhythm of nature
River bend with trees
Large sprawling gum
Mountain Ash
Tree roots splitting cobblestones
Regrowth after bushfire
Farm scene with old cart
Sunlit track
Silhouette branch
Wattle sap sculpture
Golden sap bubble
Red sap
Tree frens
Mountain Ash
View from tangled forest
Gum blossom
The light beyond
Silhouette branch.
Ironbark in sunny paddock.
Child climbing from tree house
Misty mossy forest
Mountain Ash low angle view
Enchanted forest
New growth
Baob tree
Large lichen-covered limbs
Forest - low angle view
Tangled forest silhouette
Road through forest
Winter highway
Suburban tree sculpture
Callistamon seedbox
Giant Tasmanian tree
Butterflies in forest
Curling gum leaf
Bluegum leaves
Temperate rainforest
Swirling bark pattern
Treelined highway
Rainforest detail
Red Ironbark
Broad gum trunk
Bell Fruited Mallee flower
Highly patterned scribble gum
Peeling bark
Grey box tree
Swamp with dead trees
Rainforest details
Bluegum leaves
Red ironbark leaves
Three trees in a forets glade
Snow gum
Cow and old rusted car in paddock
Woman sitting at the base of a giant tree
Calistemon bush
Sawfly larvae attacking gum leaf
Spifire swarm
Muddy road through forest
Lush rainforest
Tree shooting after bushfire
Jungle mural
Family at spa B

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Photo Information for Trees

Photo 1. Figure in misty forest Lone figure amid the tall pine forest trunks shrouded in mist

Photo 2. Rhythm of nature Writhing trunks of dead trees creating a swirling pattern in the landscape

Photo 3. Growth Two small children sit at the base of a giant Tasmanian tree trunk

Photo 4. River bend with trees Trees lining the river at a bend whilst reflecting in the water

Photo 5. Large sprawling gum Large sprawling gum trees on the bank of the Murray

Photo 6. Mountain Ash Worm's eye view of giant Mountain Ash

Photo 7. Tree roots splitting cobblestones Footpath damage due to tree roots growing and expanding

Photo 8. Regrowth after bushfire Regeneration of gum sapling among many blackened trunks after bushfire

Photo 9. Farm scene with old cart Typical dry grass country with old broken down cart under large gum

Photo 10. Sunlit track Sunlit track through the tea tree

Photo 11. Silhouette branch Bare scramble of branches in silhouette against the sky

Photo 12. Wattle sap sculpture Hardened wattle sap which has dribbled from a wound and hardened in the sun

Photo 13. Golden sap bubble Golden orb of wattle sap backlit by the sun and glowing

Photo 14. Red sap Sparkling spike of hardened red eucalypt sap which has oozed out to form a bush sculpture

Photo 15. Tree frens Forrest understory of treeferns

Photo 16. Mountain Ash Tall straight mountain ash lining the highway through Victoria's black spur range

Photo 17. View from tangled forest Writhing silhouette of a tangled forest looking out to a hint of landscape

Photo 18. Gum blossom Close view of yellow gum blossom

Photo 19. The light beyond Bright greenery seen fron dark pine forest

Photo 20. Silhouette branch. writhing branches silhouetted against the sky

Photo 21. Ironbark in sunny paddock. Ironbark tree in a golden sunny paddock in central Victoria

Photo 22. Child climbing from tree house child climbing down from tree house in old peppercorn tree

Photo 23. Misty mossy forest A forest of old gnarled elm trees covered in lichen

Photo 24. Mountain Ash low angle view Low angle view in a mountain ash forest

Photo 25. Enchanted forest Lichen covered branches in a mystical pine forest

Photo 26. New growth Tiny tree sprouting in the forest caught in a shaft of life-giving sunshine

Photo 27. Baob tree very large old baob 'prison' tree used to accommodate prisoners near Derby in WA

Photo 28. Large lichen-covered limbs Lichen covered limbs of a large damp forest tree

Photo 29. Forest - low angle view Dark brooding forest seen from a worms eye view

Photo 30. Tangled forest silhouette Writhing branches snaking towards the sky

Photo 31. Road through forest Highway through tall mountain ash trees in eastern Victoria

Photo 32. Winter highway road through the snowy mountain country

Photo 33. Sap Dried sap which has oozed from a wattle trunk and hardened into a translucent beauty

Photo 34. Suburban tree sculpture cropped plain trees make rude gestures at the suburban sky

Photo 35. Callistamon seedbox Beautful sculpture in the form of a seedbox with a light coating of lichen to indicate its age

Photo 36. Giant Tasmanian tree Children seated at the base of a giant eucalypt indicate its massive size

Photo 37. Butterflies in forest Three blue-winged butterflies in the dappled light of the rainforest

Photo 38. Curling gum leaf Swirling gum leaf caught in a shaft of sunlight

Photo 39. Bluegum leaves Typical image of drooping leaves of eucalyptus globula

Photo 40. Temperate rainforest Low angle view looking up at epiphyte fern on tree trunk

Photo 41. Swirling bark pattern Swirling pattern on eucalypt trunk

Photo 42. Treelined highway Highway through a thickly grown avenue of eucalypts

Photo 43. Rainforest detail Detail of a lush rainforest environment

Photo 44. Red Ironbark Red ironbark in dry grass country caught in the last of the sun with a storm brewing

Photo 45. Broad gum trunk Extremely broad trunk of a eucalypt caught by the afternoon sun

Photo 46. Bell Fruited Mallee flower Brilliant glow of a Bell Fruited Mallee flower lit from behind by the spring sun

Photo 47. Highly patterned scribble gum Red and grey with the intricate scribble patterns of the insects which inhabit it's bark the scribble gum is a highly attractive tree

Photo 48. Peeling bark Peeling bark of a fledgeling spotted gum

Photo 49. Grey box tree Lone grey box stands on the horizon

Photo 50. Swamp with dead trees Dead river redgums stand in a swamp with their predessors lying around them

Photo 51. Rainforest details Flowers, trunks and vines of the tropical rainforest

Photo 52. Bluegum leaves Bluegum leaves and nuts seen in close-up

Photo 53. Red ironbark leaves Leaves and nuts of the red ironbark tree

Photo 54. Three trees in a forets glade three trees stand like a tryptic screen in front of a sunlit forest glade

Photo 55. Snow gum Swirling patternson a typically writhing snow gum trunk

Photo 56. Cow and old rusted car in paddock A hint of days gone by as a cow wanders through a paddock which was once perhaps the site of a homestead

Photo 57. Woman sitting at the base of a giant tree Woman sits on a giant root of a huge tree in the dappled light of the rainforest

Photo 58. Calistemon bush Complete bush of an Australian calistemon plant

Photo 59. Sawfly larvae attacking gum leaf Mass of sawfly larvae savaging the leaves of a eucalypt

Photo 60. Spifire swarm Steelblue sawfly larvae swarming on twig

Photo 61. Muddy road through forest Muddy quagmire of a road through a damp rainforest

Photo 62. Lush rainforest Dark, dense,lush leafy rainforest

Photo 63. Tree shooting after bushfire Close view of new growth sprouting from gum tree after bushfire

Photo 64. Jungle mural Large format panoramic mural image of lush tropical leafy growthy

Photo 65. Family at spa B Parents sit in the spa watched by daughter