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Stock Photo Sets, Stock Photography Lightboxes by Lars-Olof Nilsson

This is a full list of Themed Stock Photo sets from Lars-Olof Nilsson. Click the thumbnail to view the full photo set.


Beaches from the Mediterranean and the Pacific Ocean. People and animals. Children and grown-ups, alone, in couples or in a crowd. Sunbathing, relaxing, reading, doing make-up, strolling, playing ...

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Beautiful plants and flowers

Enjoy the beauty of flowers and plants. Some of my images have copy space suitable for text on birthday or greeting cards.

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Children's activities

What children do naturally depends on their age and gender. They play alone or with their siblings, cousins, friends, parents or grandparents. They play with their toys or they act like adults. Often they are in a world of their own, a fantasy world.

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Dentist at work

Dentists are specialized professionals providing oral health services. Their work includes diagnosis and treatment of conditions of the mouth and the teeth with the help of special instruments. A dentist works with a dental assistant, who prepares the patient, sterilizes and passes instruments to the dentist, carries out dental radiography, and provides other support during treatment.

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Grandparents and their grandchildren

It is said that grandchildren are the dessert of life. It is arguably true that grandparents have more time for their grandchildren than parents have. And grandchildren seem to enjoy and benefit from the experience and wisdom of their grandparents. Researchers David A Coall and Ralph Hertwig have found evidence that the presence of grandparents can substantially increase the chances of a child surviving the high-risk period of infancy and childhood.

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Images of children

It is often said that children are the future - but they are just as much the present and in the present. My images of children show them in their own world, just being themselves or mimicking adults. Child photography is both challenging and rewarding. I hope my photos of children will give you a fascinating view into their world. You can see more images of children and other people on my website

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Medjugorje – the town between the mountains

More than a million pilgrims visit this little town in Hercegovina in former Yugoslavia. It is best known for the apparitions when the Virgin Mary reportedly showed herself to six young people in 1981, a phenomenon not officially approved by the Catholic Church but under investigation by a church commission. Large crowds attend mass at the Church of St James the Apostle, and many walk up Krizevac, the Cross Mountain, a rocky path with the Stations of the Cross, up to a crucifix erected in 1933.

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People in Naples, Italy

During a three-hour walk through downtown Naples I met a lot of nice and interesting people from young lovers to boys playing football in the street in spite of the rain.

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People using cellphones

Everywhere you look, you see people with their cellphones. They talk, they send text messages, they search the internet, they watch films, they play games, they take selfies... , all this made possible by modern smartphones. This lightbox has images of people doing various things with their mobile phones. One man even uses cellphones to adorn his hat!

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Romantic young couple in Italy

On my visit to an old romantic castle in northern Italy I noticed a young couple who had more eyes for each other than for the interesting historic environment. Seeing that I had noticed them they willingly let me take some photos of them.

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Rome – the eternal city

Rome is one of the most popular tourist attractions and one of the most visited cities in the world. It has certainly earned its epithet "the eternal city" – the remains of ancient Rome are numerous and modern Rome is a fashionable city. The magnificent treasures in the Vatican Museums, ancient history in the Forum Romanum and the Colosseum, colourful markets and piazzas, a romantic evening at a trattoria – the list is long. Throw a coin in Fontana di Trevi to make sure you will return to Rome!

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Senior citizens

Chronological age and functional age are not necessarily the same. My images show that senior citizens generally are very active after retirement. Social activity contributes to the well-being of the elderly (as well as of those of other ages), and there are many opportunities for such activity. However, research has found that happiness in old people is not proportional to activity. Take a look also at my lightbox Grandparents and their grandchildren!

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Temple Square in Salt Lake City

This is the most popular tourist attraction in Utah, but to members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, often called mormons, it is their religious centre. The area includes the Salt Lake Temple, the Tabernacle, Assembly Hall, the Church Office Building, the Conference Center and the Joseph Smith Memorial Building, which houses a Family Search Center.

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The rule of thirds

The rule of thirds says that an image can be intersected by two equally-distanced horizontal lines and two similar vertical lines dividing it into nine equal parts. Important elements in the image can be positioned along these lines or at the intersections between them, which has shown to be pleasing to the eye. A viewer usually first looks at one of these intersections. These images are examples of using the rule of thirds.

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Venice - la Serenissima

Too many tourists and a rising sea level threaten this faded beauty. But stay away from the crowded places and you will find memorable sights that will make you come back again and again. As Marion Kaminski has pointed out, Venice is the perfect place to get lost in. Stroll along narrow canals, cross beautiful arched bridges, sit in a picturesque piazza, take a gondola trip or - less expensive - the vaporetto waterbus to ever more exciting spots. You'll never get enough! And during the Carnival you will meet the most fantastic characters.

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Vertical conceptual images

Unlike traditional conceptual images these are unstaged and therefore much more natural-looking. The images in this lightbox are all vertical and thus suitable for magazine and book covers. Many of them have ample copy space for text. Among concepts included are faith, hope, love, energy, aspiration, parenthood, friendship, joy, calm, leisure, loneliness, old age, time, communication, adventure, vigilance, industry and others.

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Vertical conceptual images II

Another lightbox with some more vertical images suitable for book and magazine covers. They all illustrate various concepts and are unstaged and natural-looking.

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Vertical images of churches, cathedrals and religious symbols

These images are all in a vertical format suitable for book or magazine covers.

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Vintage Cars

Old automobiles are categorized according to age. Car collectors talk, in chronological order, about antique cars, Brass Era cars, vintage cars and classic cars, but the classification criteria may vary between countries. A vintage car is usually defined as being built between 1919 and 1930, but this lightbox includes automobiles from 1911 to 1932. There are a couple of automobiles whose names you may not even have heard before.

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When summer comes to an end and the wind picks up along the Istrian coast on the Adriatic sea, word is spread quickly, and windsurfers come from as far away as Slovenia with their surfboards and sails. Soon a lot of sails can be seen amid the waves.

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