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A New Gallery: Stonehenge Photography

Posted: 11/3/2017 11:24:51 PM   Page Views 569   Comments 0

I've just posted a new lightbox to my website. Stonehenge is a set of Travel Images suitable for a variety of commercial purposes.

The Megaliths of Stonehenge, one of the most famous and recognizable sites in the world. In 1986 Stonehenge was added to UNESCO’s register of World Heritage sites. These days Stonehenge draws more than 800,000 tourists a year, many of whom also visit the region’s numerous other Neolithic and Bronze Age marvels. One of the most popular beliefs was that Stonehenge was built by the Druids. These high priests of the Celts, constructed it for sacrificial ceremonies.

Stonehenge Stock Photos

Please take a moment to look them over, leave your comments and if I can assist in any way, please do let me know.

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