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River bed under a bridge
Sand bank broken by rising tide
Swimming seal
Spring colours reflecting off a lake
Spring flowers along the waterfront
Sunset reflections across the Bay
Plane ascending
Fisherman enjoying a moment of solitude
Melbourne Docklands at night
Lone tree in a canola field
Old tram on La Trobe Street
Sunset over sand dunes
Walking along the Pier
Sunset over rocks
Where the wild flowers grow
Grass seeds highlighted by a setting sun
Where the wild flowers grow
View across the parkland
Lone gumtree on a golden hill
Horse turning around to pose cheekily for a photo
Road leading to Mt Buller on a foggy morning
Road leading to Mt Buller on a foggy morning
Wallaby cleaning her hands after eating
People walking along the beach as the sun sets
Delatite River
Autumn colours at Trentham Falls
Rugged coastline along the Great Ocean Road
Autumn leaves along a river bed
Country living
Colourful water ripples and sky
Secluded river in Victoria's High Country
People eating in a city laneway
People walking and eating in a city laneway
Lone seagull at sunset
Busker playing to pedestrians
Festival in Hosier Lane Melbourne
Broken Pier at sunset
Aerial view of Zenith Beach
Lone seagull and full moon
A view of Mt Tomaree from Zenith Beach
Sun setting over hills
Port Melbourne
Young surfer riding a wave
Ducks at sunset
Melbourne Docklands
Sun reflecting off Eureka tower
Sun setting over the water
Father and son
Old taps at wharf
Colourful clouds at sunset
Melbourne city and the Yarra River
Two budgies in love
Reflections on a beach at sunset
Butterfly on a hand
Stork standing in water
Wave breaking on a branch
Four day old Blackbirds in a nest
Sunlight on grass
Old lightboard in an abandoned warehouse
Sunrays at sunset
Telstra Tower on top of Black Mountain
Graffiti in a warehouse
Old jug abandoned in a junk yard
Graffiti in a warehouse
Bee on a red rose
Abandoned classroom with graffiti
Abandoned classroom with graffiti
People walking along a pier at sunset
Bee on a pink flower
Grand entrance
Bee on purple flowers
Grand staircase in a Mansion
Duck settling to sleep in the grass
Bee on a pink rose
Yellow rose
Church ruins
Buildings overlooking the train tracks
Rose garden
Bright blue water at sunset
Koala reaching for Eucalyptus leaves
Bolte Bridge at sunset
Federation Square at night
Surfer leaving the water
Colourful bokeh lights
City lights and train tracks at night
Crowd walking across a pier
Storm clouds approaching the beach
People taking photos of graffiti
Mist on a flower bud
Rainbow over a dirt road
People walking in a city street



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