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Barry Simpson

Professional Photographer Fairhaven

Photographer Work Description
I'm quite eclectic in my photography, most of my shots are a result of my travels. Subjects range from people, festivals, landscapes and wildlife. I am always looking for an interesting angle something that I feel will stand out and be the hero of the shot, this could be a line, a texture or pattern, or colour. As a consequence of the way I travel my shots rely on the opportunity of the moment, and a bit of luck or serendipity

Qualifications & Experience
I'm self taught in photography, started many years ago shooting black & white, and slides. I also processed and printed a lot of my own work. Fast forward to the digital age and over the last decade have become serious in my photographic work. I now consider myself to be adept with Photoshop and my post processing of images.

Other Interests:
Travel, Automotive, Festivals, Drone Photography

Contact Details

BBC Design - Photography
6 Merran Grove
Fairhaven  VIC  3231

Email Barry
Mobile: 0418 394699
Alternate Website: