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Photography - Serious Style
Recycling aluminium and steel cans
Fishing boat, Sulawesi, Indonesia
Kelp harvesting
Kelp gathering
Electricity Sub Station.
Australia Tasmania Hobart
Australia Tasmania State Forest
Unloading King Crab
Electricity Tower.
Wooden boatbuilding
Bakery. D C Hancock.
Rubbish Collection. D C Hancock
Smoking chimneys
Old Style Industrial Doors
Cascade Brewery, Australia's oldest brewery
Fishing Trawlers Docked.
Fishing Trawlers.
Construction - Industrial Building site scaffolding, block...
Recycling Scrap Metal - Car wrecks piled high.
Car Wrecks for Recycling.
Car wrecks in piles to be Recycled.
Car Wrecking Yard.
Car bodies for Recycling.
Wrecked Car Bodies ready for Recycling.
Industrial Waste Scrap Metal.
Industrial Scrap Metal.
Scrap Metal ready for Recycling.
Compacted Aluminium Cans for Recycling.
Aluminium cans and Engines for Recycling.
Compacted Aluminium Cans.
Electricity Substation and Power Grid.
Electricity Infrastructure - Components on a Power line.
Electricity Sub Station.
Lavender farm, Tasmania
Office Door
Fishing boat
Electrical Towers and Power Lines.
Metal spring
Micro chip
Umbrellas, Bo Sang, Thailand
Scientist experimenting in lab
Carpenters hand tools
LED diode
Huge control panel
Steamy factory
Steel foundery
Old cluttered factory
Smoggy factory environment
Churned up mud with tyre tracks
Science lab bottles



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