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Very young girl thinks about her mobile phone
Very young girl listens on her mobiloe phone
Teenage girl uses her mobile phone to contact friends
Brunette woman in glasses on phone
Silhouetted telecommunication tower
Teenage girl contacts friends on her mobile phone
Dishes 2. D C Hancock.
Dishes. D C Hancock.
Sidewalk interview
Satellite Dish. D C Hancock.
Satellite Dishes & Worker 2. D C Hancock
Woman interviewing politician for TV news
Red telephone of the 70's
Communications Tower. D C Hancock
Record turntable
Film crane in action
Interviewing old lady
TV interview at rally
Old wooden telephone of the early 1900's
Receiver disc
Green telephone of the '50's
Satellite Dishes & Worker. D C Hancock
White wall telephone of the 70's
Silicon chip
Rocker switch
Wall posters
Satellite Dishes & Worker 3. D C Hancock
Cream telephone of the '40's
Woman in red coat at Black Mountain Tower in Canberra
Woman in red coat at Black Mountain Tower in Canberra



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