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Hot springs, Rotorua, New Zealand
Young Jawoyn Aboriginal boys painted for dancing
Road to Paradise
Baby Croc 3. D C Hancock
Finishing on the Palm Beach to Whale beach swim
Stupa entrance door
3 magpies on a fence
Green Sea Turtle
Modern warehouse
Carousel horse
Underwater model, snorkelling
Huli Warrior
Still life of wine with nibbles
Scuba Diver with Malabar Grouper
Floating Torii at sunset silhouette
Children playing silhouette
Dying warrior
Red gum blossom B
Green coconut palm fronds against blue sky
Museum display
Looking a fish in the eye
Australia Tasmania Hobart
Uluru, Ayers Rock
Skydivers. D C Hancock.
Royal Dance School lesson, Cambodia
Australia Tasmania Nabowla
St Kilda Marina
Okavango Delta, aerial view
Hand of white-handed gibbon
Spiral Stairs
Spiral staircase
Young Boy & Girl. D C Hancock
Photographer in the Swedish highlands
Humphead Maori Wrasse
Hamersley Ranges
Wedge-tailed Eagle - Aquila audax
Koala silhouette
Opium Poppies (vertical)
Ngoga River, Okavango Delta, aerial view
Rusted wrecks while on the Hidden valley walk
Huli wig men
Boat laden with dried grass on a river
Cheetah, Acinonyx jubatus, staring
Huli woman
Recycling plastics and glass
Coral Trout. D C Hancock
Beehive Ginger. D C Hancock
Tropical Starfish 2. D C Hancock
Beehive Ginger. D C Hancock
Lightning 1
Victorian High Country
Argyle Diamond mine from the air
Butterfly in Thailand
Cloud Gate sculpture in Chicago during thunderstorm
Boy studying under tree by pond
Black model with costume jewellery
Wrest Point Casino
Liquid Gold - sunrise reflections on rippled water
Boxing. D C Hancock
Coloured pencils
Australia Tasmania Hobart Bruny Island gate
Fishing at the End of the Day
Tasmanian Devil
Ladybird with eggs
Rape field
Polocrosse. D C Hancock
Manta ray
Steeplechaser, Crafty Dancer, winning at Flemington
Barn Owl
Huli Wig Man
Eastern Rosella
Donkey face
Girl In Water
Forest tinged with Purple Rhododendrons
Frangipani - Tahitian Sunset - Plumeria.
Red sunrise through a black viaduct silhouette.
Cowboy hat
Traditional sailing dinghy
Australia, Tasmania, Stanley
Huli children
White Fronted Bee-Eater
Angled golden water reflections
Silhouette of lone male surfer on beach against sunset
apple slice showing star shape and seeds in centre.
Windmill - Water Supply
Two Year Old Young Man
Crevasse Abseiling
Race horse winning
Long Neck Turtle baby. D C Hancock
Palumpa stockman 2. D C Hancock