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Australia, Tasmania, Central Midlands
Royal Dance School lesson, Cambodia
Lavender farm, Tasmania
Mekeo woman
hauling in the logs
Pinnacle Rock on Barthlowmew, Santiago is (Sulliva
Man with surrounding aura
Native Australian Flannel Flower
Waterside Living. D C Hancock
Photographer-friendly Australian fauna
Window of Jazz Cafe
Kids Fishing. D C Hancock
Snorkeling on Gt. Barrier Reef
Three girls looking at small chameleon
Finishing on the Palm Beach to Whale beach swim
Brisbane city from the Kangaroo point bike path.
Sydney Opera House
horse racing action
Thoroughbred racehorse
Pink Franjipanni
Brown fungi growing on log
Pinnate Batfish
An Aboriginal woman with bulb used to dye pandanus.
Hikers in the Slovenian alps
Light Armoured Vehicle 3. D C Hancock
Indonesia Java Jogjakarta
Australia Tasmania Hobart Summer
Cat on trampoline
apple slice showing star shape and seeds in centre.
Spiral staircase
Floodlit Sydney Opera House sails, Australia
Legal regalia
Sepik woman
Argyle Diamond mine from the air
ready to jump
Huli Woman
Sydney Skyline at Sunset
Black model with costume jewellery
Bloodwood Flower. D C Hancock
Tropical thunder and lightning storm builds in northern...
The Customs House
Chimbu woman, Papua New Guinea
Hand of white-handed gibbon
Farm Gate
Girl lounging in grass
Australia Tasmania Stanley
Still life of wine with nibbles
Golden reflections at dawn
plant growing through footpath
orchid phalaenopsis taisuco kaaladian studio shot on red...
Uluru, Ayers Rock
Australia Tasmania Hobart
Storm Build Up. D C Hancock
Security guard and dog
Sydney Opera House
Barn Owl
Young Jawoyn Aboriginal boys painted for dancing
Emu in blue!
African buffalo herd of horns, Syncerus caffer, Duba Plains
Ellinja Falls
Grey Heron, Ardea cinerea, in water
King Pengiuns Head & Neck
Still water 1
17 foot, Whitehall skiff
Judge at the Bench. D C Hancock
3 magpies on a fence
Dolls for sale, Kutna Hora, Czech Republic
Green coconut palm fronds against blue sky
Road to Paradise
Red Grevillea flower
Arctic Terns #2