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A decorative window box of nasturtiums petunias & alyssum
Outback Irrigation. D C Hancock
Basket of eggs
Chimbu Woman
Chinese musicians
Grey Skies Over The Winter Fields
Dark and moody moon behind clouds
Children playing silhouette
Brown fungi growing on log
Cheetah, Acinonyx jubatus, staring
Old Kodak sign
Still life of wine with nibbles
Sun shining through the clouds
Underwater model, snorkelling
Farm Gate
Polocrosse. D C Hancock
Syney Opera House & Harbour Bridge
Salisbury Cathedral
Port Arthur, Tasmania
Huli Wig Man (1)
PENGUIN, Royal - Eudyptes schlegeli
Flooded Crossing. D C Hancock
African Elephant, cute baby
Uluru, Ayers Rock
Huli children
Fishing at the End of the Day
Photographer in the Swedish highlands
King Pengiuns Head & Neck
Australia, Tasmania, Central Midlands
Huli Woman
Argyle Diamond mine from the air
Outback cricketers
Kids Fishing. D C Hancock
Mystery Bay, NSW South Coast
Ladybird with eggs
Huli wig men
Red gum blossom B
Sydney Opera House
Welder. D C Hancock
Tropical Thunderhead. D C Hancock
Coal Loading
Cape Tourville
Long Neck Turtle baby. D C Hancock
A mass of sunflowers
Father sharing with children
Ursus arctos
3 magpies on a fence
Coloured pencils
Green Sea Turtle with Scuba Diver
Swing dancers at the prom
Pinnate Batfish
Old petrol (gasoline) sign
Girl lounging in grass
Loading Drums 3. D C Hancock
Australia Queensland
Underwater model, snorkelling
Humphead Maori Wrasse
Allied Rock-wallaby - Petrogale assimilis.
Rufous Wallaby or Pademelon
Palumpa stockman 2. D C Hancock
Brushing teeth
Skydivers. D C Hancock.
Security guard and dog
Rape field
Underwater model, snorkelling
Chinese Shrine
Salamanca Place
Judge at the Bench. D C Hancock
Flower of Australian Banksia Tree, Sydney, Austral
Traditional sailing dinghy
A rock formation in the Breakaways Reserve